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Making of Artsly: Past, Present and Future

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Artsly Login Screen

It’s good to be back at blogging (after 3 years!).  In last three years I have started a new company, raised capital and pivoted into a more focused domain. In this post I will be discussing about past, present and future of iKnowl.

The Past

We (I and my brother) started iKnowl with a vision that creating/developing educational apps for mobile and tablets should be an easy process for education providers. To develop a mobile app, an education provider would hire a development firm and whole process from development to publishing would take at least 3-5 months, and would cost somewhere around $5,000.

I wanted to minimize the cost and the development time by building a DIY platform for educational apps. Our team worked for 3 months and initial product was ready to be launched, we started signing up some beta users who loved iKnowl’s platform. But after 6 months of iKnowl’s release, I realized that it’s going to fail. We did some iterations and after 6 months, we ended up discarding our product (which was quite heart breaking for our team).

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